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Walker completes librarian training
Magness Library director Brad Walker has completed a three-year intensive training program available to librarians in Tennessee.

Magness Library director Brad Walker has completed a specialized training program for librarians.
“It was a wonderful experience and I hope it will help me provide even better services to Warren County and McMinnville in my job as librarian,” said Walker.
Librarians do more than stand guard over shelves of books. In order to be successful, they’re frequently called up to be freedom of information advocates, strategic planners, marketing specialists, budget-balancing experts, public speakers and more.
To help Tennessee’s public librarians deal with the many challenges they face on the job, the Tennessee State Library and Archives offers a three-year training program called the Public Library Management Institute. This week 23 library directors from across the state graduated from the institute.
Participants spend a week each year in intense training sessions on topics such as library values, library governance, leadership, project and personnel management, and strategic partnerships. This year’s graduates join 157 others who have completed the institute’s training since the program was founded in 1995.
“The Public Library Management Institute has served librarians and, by extension, the library visitors they serve well for 20 years,” said Secretary of State Tre Hargett. “The goal of this program is to help our state’s librarians provide the best possible experience they can to each person who walks through a library’s doors or accesses a library website online. I commend this year’s graduates for their hard work and dedication to improving their craft.”
Walker says the networking opportunity was important.
“Along with the knowledge I’ve gained, I’ve made contacts with other librarians on a personal level. That’s a network of knowledge that will be invaluable to me and to the library,” said Walker.