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Two provisional votes don't change results
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The provisional votes from the Nov. 6 election in Warren County have been counted and the outcome remains unchanged.
A total of two provisional ballots were counted on top of the election night totals, the votes not enough to influence any of the races.
Provisional ballots are ballots which were either cast election day but could not be counted because there was a question about voter eligibility, or the person did not present a picture ID at the polls.
In such cases where there is controversy, the person is allowed to vote on a paper ballot. Then, after the election, it is determined if the person’s vote will count. This determination is either done by the person returning with a picture ID or by the election office determining the person was eligible to vote.
In the case of the Nov. 6 election, there were two provisional votes which were counted.
While two votes could not officially have any impact on any of the races, unofficially fourth place in the McMinnville aldermanic election could have been influenced, although it wasn’t.
This has been viewed as important because Alderman Jimmy Haley will be sworn in as McMinnville Mayor on Nov. 27, leaving his alderman seat vacant.
Some people have said the fourth highest vote-getter should be awarded the spot, but it will be up to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to make that determination. Board members are free to nominate candidates and the first one to earn a majority of four votes will get the spot.