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Two-hour parking limit comes under scrutiny
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Parking on Main Street, specifically the two-hour parking limit in front of some businesses, will be a topic for discussion for officials in the near future.
A request has been received from Main Street McMinnville for the city to consider making parking exceptions for patrons of hair salons and barber shops.
“It has come to our attention the two-hour parking limit assigned to many of the parking spaces in the downtown area creates a particular inconvenience to the various hair salons and barber shops operating nearby,” said co-director Brook Holmes. “The salon and barbering businesses, by nature, often require patrons to be stationary for long periods of time. Such requirements often result in the patron surpassing the two-hour time limit and receiving a parking ticket from the city-employed parking attendant.”
Main Street McMinnville offered the following suggestions for consideration:
Parking passes, much like a handicapped placard, numbered and issued by the city and made available in limited supply to these businesses for use by their patrons when necessary.
Parking validation allowing a patron to turn in any tickets received to their salon or barber shop. In turn, the salon or barber shop would validate the ticket and turn it in to the city.
The letter was presented to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Tuesday night. However, it was sent from the full board to the Safety Committee members Aldermen Mike Neal, chairman, Rick Barnes and Ken Smith for consideration.
“I think this is something that might need to go to the Safety Committee for discussion,” said Mayor Jimmy Haley. “The board will have to look at this and see how it’s going to affect parking on Main Street. Giving privilege to one business over another will warrant further discussion. If you won’t mind waiting until our next board meeting in September, we can ask Mr. Neal to call a Safety Committee meeting to address the issue. We do have parking issues downtown. On court day, it gets crowded.”
No date or time has been set for the meeting.