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TV show in town
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A filming crew and cleaning crew had a city street blocked off Monday. The property that had their attention is one the city of McMinnville has cleaned up in the past, that being 113 Oak Street.
The crews are believed to be from the A&E show “Hoarders,” which documents the struggles of people who cannot part with their belongings and the road they take to recover from compulsive hoarding.
People featured on the show usually work with a counselor, a professional organizer, or an extreme cleaning specialist, each of whom specialize in some aspect involved in the treatment of obsessive/ compulsive disorders, anxiety disorders, and/ or hoarding.
While calls to the Southern Standard and statements on the Internet pointed toward “Hoarders” doing a feature segment on Rhonda Cutler, who lives at 113 Oak Street, no signs could be seen on any of the vehicles, cameras, etc., linking the TV show to the crews in town.
McMinnville Planning and Zoning manager Josh Baker refused to confirm the rumors.
“I can’t tell you what’s going on,” Baker said. “I can tell you the city is in the middle of taking Ms. Cutler back to court. We were asked to hold off and give her more time, which we have agreed to do.”
The city has taken Cutler to court twice in five years, once in 2008 and again in 2011, in an effort to enforce a city ordinance against storing a large number of items outside.
In 2011, a judge ruled in favor of the city and gave Cutler 30 days to appeal or comply by removing the items. When she didn’t, three dump trucks of junk, approximately 10 tons, were hauled away by the city in September.
After the day-long cleanup effort, Baker said he hoped the removal of items would be the last by the city. However, it was not to be.
“The property is just as bad today as it was one year ago,” Baker said. “I think she has just as many items stored outside.”
Every time the city has to intervene and remove items, the cost for disposal and manpower is sent to the property owner. If the cost goes unpaid, a lien is placed against the property.