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Timecard issue still unresolved
Blaine WilcherWEB
Commissioner Blaine Wilcher
No resolution is in sight for the timeclock abuse situation at Warren County EMS. An audit released June 9 by the state found $23,834 in wages were paid to 14 employees for time worked at another entity or for time that was undocumented.During a meeting of the county Safety Committee, visiting Commissioner Blaine Wilcher requested a status update from members Teddy Boyd, chairman, Carl D. Bouldin, Randy England, Ron Lee and Charles Morgan.“I was wondering if we’ve received any kind of update on EMS, the timecard deal from almost a year ago,” Wilcher asked Monday. “I haven’t been to any of these meetings, and I haven’t heard anything.”There’s nothing to hear, says Bouldin.“The last word I got was they are waiting on the TBI to conclude its investigation and the attorney general out of Knoxville, Scott Stevens, has got the case right now,” Bouldin said. “The county lawyer has advised not to do anything until they conclude whatever they are doing.”Per the audit, two employees received a total of $3,514 in wages from Warren County EMS for hours in which they were clocked in and working for a separate entity not associated with Warren County government.