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Throat slasher flees, crashes into creek
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Man has throat slashed on Pike Hill Road.

A fugitive is in custody after he reportedly slashed another man’s throat on Pike Hill Road and then fled the scene Tuesday afternoon.
The suspect, Abel Cabrera Torres, 31, is being held at Warren County Jail pending official charges against him – charges that are likely to include attempted murder.
The name of the victim has not been revealed. He remains under treatment at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. He is being treated for the laceration to his throat and injuries sustained when he was allegedly struck by a car which Torres was driving.
According to preliminary reports, the incident happened inside a car that was traveling on Pike Hill Road Tuesday afternoon.
“There was an altercation between Torres and the victim and Torres cut the man’s throat,” said Sheriff Jackie Matheny. “The victim then staggered out of the car, bleeding from his throat.”
The driver of the car, apparently shocked by what he had just seen, abandoned the car and ran away. Torres then reportedly got behind the wheel and sped away. However, eyewitnesses say Torres took the time to hit the bleeding victim with the car, knocking him several feet in the air before fleeing.
Torres drove from Pike Hill Road, leaving his victim behind. He then continued onto Yager Road and crashed his borrowed car into Charles Creek near a bridge. He ran from the scene but was later cap-tured after deputies converged on the area.
Torres is well acquainted with the law. He was convicted 15 years ago of robbing a convenience store across from Bobby Ray in which he shot the female clerk in the shoulder. Torres was tried as an adult and ended up spending several years in jail. He remains on parole for the robbery until 2019.