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Three-day fire
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North Warren Volunteer Fire Department Chief Matt Welcome didn't have to think long when asked how he felt Thursday morning.
"I've been better," said Welcome.
That response can be expected when you've been fighting a fire for three days. Firefighters remained on the scene Thursday at Tri-Tech Molding after a fire erupted there Tuesday morning.
The fire was first reported Tuesday around 7 a.m. Welcome said firefighters worked 30 hours straight and didn't leave the scene until Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m. They were called back Thursday morning at 4 a.m. when the fire resumed.
"There's so much product in there, both raw material and finished product," said Welcome. "We have a handle on it. The fire is not out of control."
Tri-Tech Molding is a company that manufactures plastic milk crates, automobile floor mats and nursery containers. The plastic inside the 28,000-square-foot building on Smithville Highway has only served as fuel for the fire.
Welcome said firefighters have been trying to do a balancing act of extinguishing the flames while not disturbing the scene too much. He said foul play is not suspected, but investigators would like to discover the cause of the fire.
"There was an eyewitness that saw it so we know where the fire started but we don't know what actually caused it," said Welcome.
Welcome was thankful for all the mutual aid granted by surrounding fire departments. He said seven fire departments responded to the fire with a total of more than 50 firefighters. He said firefighters would be on the scene in some capacity all day Thursday.
As for information that a firefighter had to be transported to River Park Hospital, Welcome said that information is not accurate to his knowledge and there were no injuries from the fire.