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Thank you, officers
District Attorney Lisa Zavogiannis offers a piece of cake to deputy Seth Webb as he and fellow lawmen, from left, Jason Satterwhite, Ben Cannon and Jared Jacobs attend law enforcement appreciation day.

Having one of the highest pressure jobs around, members of law enforcement are often underappreciated for keeping the community safe. For that reason, the district attorney general’s office of Lisa Zavogiannis began its inaugural law enforcement appreciation day on Thursday.
“It’s a way to show them they are appreciated for all they do,” Zavogiannis said during the reception held for all law enforcement officers. “Sometimes I’m afraid we don’t adequately thank them for doing what can be a very dangerous job so this a small token to let them know we are thankful.”
The reception was held at the DA’s office. Cake and punch were offered as well as a time to relax and socialize with friends and fellow officers.
“We probably had more than 50 come in,” Zavogiannis said just before the end of the business day Thursday. “They were coming in and out all day. Some dropped by after court. Others who were off came in on their day off and others came in during lunch or break. That’s why we had it all day so everyone would have an opportunity to come in.”
The appreciation day was attended by sheriff’s deputies, city police officers, TBI agents, constables, and the highway patrol, as well as Sheriff Jackie Matheny and Police Chief Bryan Denton.
Zavogiannis said her office works closely with all area law enforcement so the appreciation day was something she had been thinking about doing for a while. She plans for it to be a regular event.