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Text-to-911 program launched
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Charles (Chuck) Haston, District Director Warren County Emer-gency Communications is pleased to announce the Warren County 911 Center is now capable of receiving text-to-911 messages to report an emergency. Those with Verizon, AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile cellular service may contact 911 during an emergency by entering the numbers 911 in the “To:” field, describing the nature and location of the emergency and pressing send. The same 911 personnel who answer 911 voice calls for service during an emergency will respond. Like placing a voice call to 911, text-to-911 is reserved for emergency use only.

The most important information those utilizing text-to-911 services can provide is the address or location of the emergency. If for any reason a text-to-911 message cannot be delivered, a notification will appear indicating a voice call must be made to 911.

Text-to-911 services in Warren County is a cooperative effort by the Warren County 911 Center, the state of Tennessee, and the wireless service providers who serve the region. 

While no method of reporting an emergency is faster than placing a 911 voice call, text-to-911 provides an alternate pathway for reporting emergencies for those who may be unable to place a voice call to 911.