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Term-limit push continues
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A measure by McMinnville officials to set term limits on specific boards is making its way back to the full board after being revised and approved in committee.The measure will affect the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Board of Adjustment Appeals, the Historic Zoning Commission, the Board of Public Utilities, the Alcoholic Beverage Board, the County Tax Equalization Board, the Industrial Development Board and the Tri County Railroad Authority.The original proposal was not specific and would have affected all board appointees, meaning any citizen appointed to a committee or board by the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen.Tennessee Municipal League legal consultant Melissa Ashburn informed the city via email that it could not set term limits on every board and committee.“Boards established under state law must comply with state law provisions concerning appointments and terms of office,” said Ashburn. “That being the case, the governing board may not limit the general law powers of the mayor to make these appointments.”According to Finance Committee chairman Ken Smith, being specific has gained Ashburn’s support.“Mrs. Ashburn has looked at this at MTAS and has changed her opinion,” he said. Alderman Ben Newman is against setting term limits.“I don’t want to limit any of these positions,” he said.