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Teen fugitives nabbed in Westwood
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Two sleeping teen-age fugitives were caught Monday morning snoozing on a relative’s porch in Westwood after escaping from a juvenile facility in neighboring DeKalb County over the weekend.The teen boys, whose names were not released by police because they are 17, have been charged with escape from juvenile custody along with an additional count of burglary. A third juvenile, said to be the girlfriend of one of the fugitives, has been charged with aiding and abetting escape. Police believe at least two other people may have helped the boys elude custody.“She knows who the other two are but she’s taking all the blame herself,” said McMinnville Police Sgt. Lisa Norris regarding the girl who transported the youths to McMinnville from DeKalb County.According to preliminary reports, the boys, one of whom hails from Warren County, were being held at a juvenile facility in neighboring DeKalb County after being sentenced to state custody for various juvenile offenses.