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Teen caught drinking in Walmart bathroom
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A teen faces charges after he was caught drinking stolen beer in the bathroom of Walmart.The suspect, John Steven Reynolds, 19, is charged with underage consumption after he was caught with beer in hand at the local Walmart store last week.“I was called to Walmart in reference to a gentleman who stole some beer and went into the bathroom with it,” said McMinnville Police Lt. John Morgan concerning the somewhat strange call.Morgan revealed Reynolds was walking around the store with a backpack, something that attracted the attention of store security, especially once the teen put a case of beer into the backpack and walked to the bathroom area.“He was found in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, drinking a beer,” Morgan said in the misdemeanor warrant against Reynolds.It is unclear if Reynolds intended to try to polish off an entire case of beer or if he was simply drinking a single beer before leaving the bathroom area. The teen had access to much more beer when he was caught.“There were 22, 12-ounce beers in the backpack on his back that were still cold from the cooler,” Morgan noted.The fact Reynolds is only 19 and too young to even purchase beer brought the underage consumption charge.