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Teen bicycle rider airlifted
Police say he intentionally hit moving car
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A teenager was airlifted Tuesday night after he intentionally rode his bicycle into the path of a moving car.
The youth, Dustin Sanders, 18, suffered serious injuries when he collided with the moving car near the intersection of Belmont Drive and Red Road around 9 p.m. Tuesday.
According to police reports, Kelly Basham was heading east in his 2003 BMW and was getting ready to make a turn when the youth raced out of the darkness on his bicycle and slammed into his car.
Police say Basham was doing the speed limit and was not at fault. He was not injured in the incident.
A further investigation of the wreck revealed Sanders had planned to crash his bicycle kamikaze style into a car in an attempt to harm himself.
The smoking gun was found by police on the teen’s cellphone. He reportedly texted, just moments before the wreck, “I plan to run into a car.” Police are not sure of a motive but believe the teen may be suffering from some type of mental issue.