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Tearful Glenn thankful for father's honor
Harold G. Glenn

Road Superintendent Levie Glenn was given a standing ovation during Monday night’s full Warren County Commission meeting.
Admiration was shown after he relayed heart-felt gratitude expressed by his father, Harold, for the county renaming the Highway Department building the “Harold G. Glenn County Highway Building.”
“Ladies and gentleman of the court, I bring this message tonight for my father,” said Glenn, who was emotional and tearful. “He was going to come to this meeting tonight. Unfortunately, he wasn’t permitted. We talked about it in the past weeks because we were really close. He wanted me to thank everybody for naming the building after him.”
The former road superintendent died in December at the age of 84. Before his death, the county unanimously accepted a resolution to rename its facility to honor Harold’s service to the county as its road superintendent for 16 years.
Levie says his father was in amazement such an honor would be given to him.
“He wanted all the Highway and Bridget Committee members, then and now, and all the county court members to know, and I do too, that he really appreciated the building being named after him,” said Levie.
Glenn says his father was a determined man and insisted on being at the meeting to personally offer his appreciation.
“Daddy taught me a lot of things. I never will replace his shoes and I don’t intend to, but I’ll speak for him tonight. I asked him to send a card and let you read it. He said ‘No, I’m going to go up there and thank them personally.’ That was the plan. It didn’t work out, but the message still got here. I want you to know from me, my family and staff that we thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts,” said Glenn.
Members of the full court, as well as the individuals in attendance, stood and applauded as Glenn returned to his seat.