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TBI director sheds light on human trafficking
TBI director Mark Gwyn tells Rotarians young girls in Tennessee are being sold for sex many times a night in whats a growing and very lucrative trade.
Girls as young as 10 to 12 years old are victims of sex slavery, and the crime is much bigger and closer than you think, Tennessee’s top law enforcement says in a WCPI interview airing this week.Human trafficking is so profitable that some former drug dealers have left that trade to start renting out little girls, TBI director Mark Gwyn revealed in the public radio 91.3 recording session following his appearance Thursday as guest speaker at The Rotary Club of McMinnville.“I sell you a gram of cocaine and it’s gone. I can sell this girl 20 times a night,” Gwyn says in describing the economics of pimping. “I can only sell that gram of cocaine one time.”“These are mainly underage girls … people being coerced, being threatened.