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Tampering charge dropped
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Evidence tampering charges against a man and his brother were dismissed for lack of evidence last week after the court found prosecutors couldn’t prove a conspiracy to remove marijuana from the house.
The brothers, Corey R. Hill and Marvin R. Hill Jr., both had charges of evidence tampering dismissed following a preliminary hearing. Corey Hill, however, still faces serious charges including aggravated domestic assault and possession of marijuana for resale. Those counts were bound to the grand jury.
Marvin Hill had been accused of entering Corey’s residence after receiving a call from his brother. Police say they found marijuana inside the apartment and were waiting for a search warrant when someone entered through the rear by removing an air conditioner from the back window. Police believe Corey Hill contacted his brother while being booked into jail on his other charges and asked him to dispose of the evidence.
However, during hearing it could not be proven the brother was asked to specifically go in and remove the marijuana. Instead it was learned he asked Marvin to go to his house to get his belongings. The lack of a specific target, such as asking him to remove the marijuana, led to the charges being dismissed.
The charges may be sought again when the case goes before the grand jury. Corey Hill still faces felony assault charges for hitting his girlfriend, Amanda J. Glanzman, and her infant child during a domestic dispute.
Warrants against him maintain he attacked Glanzman with an ashtray and hit the baby while swinging at the mother. However, his defense is maintaining blood that was found on the victims actually belonged to Corey Hill because he accidentally hit himself with the ashtray during the incident gashing himself open.
Glanzman was bound to the grand jury for possession of marijuana since she lived in the residence and allegedly knew about the marijuana.