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SUV flips, slides down bypass
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A GMC Jimmy went airborne and slid about 150 feet on the bypass last night after several eyewitnesses said the driver ran the red light by McMinnville Funeral Home and collided with another vehicle.
Alma Ruth Taylor, 60, was the driver of the GMC Jimmy. She was hospitalized following the accident that happened Tuesday night around 6:45 p.m.
McMinnville Police Department interviewed several eyewitnesses who all told a similar story about the crash.
Taylor was reportedly traveling on the bypass heading from the high school toward Walmart when she approached the intersection of Sunset Drive. Despite several reports that she had just received the red light, Taylor reportedly tried to make it through the intersection.
A Ford Explorer driven by Shirley Templeton, 55, was on Sunset Drive and began to pull across the bypass toward McMinnville Funeral Home when she got the green light. She stopped when she saw Taylor barreling through the intersection, but she didn’t stop soon enough to avoid clipping the SUV.
There was enough contact to send the GMC airborne, according to eyewitness reports, and onto its roof. Since it was traveling at highway speeds, it slid about 150 feet from the intersection before coming to a halt on its roof.
Taylor, who was wearing a seatbelt, was still in the driver’s seat when emergency responders arrived. She was transported to River Park Hospital.
Templeton was not injured and her vehicle received minimal front-end damage.