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Surveillance cameras catch iThief on video
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A man who stole thousands of dollars worth of iPads from Walmart has been bound to the grand jury on felony theft charges.The iThief, Michael Phillips, was bound to the grand jury after a preliminary hearing on charges of shoplifting over $1,000 and three counts of criminal trespass.During the hearing, Walmart loss prevention officer Cole Russell said a large number of surveillance cameras are what helped catch the thief who had stolen from the chain before.“Cameras are everywhere,” Russell revealed during the preliminary hearing, noting there are over 130 security cameras on the interior and exterior of the local Walmart.The thefts by Phillips were discovered after the fact when several high-priced iPads were unaccounted for during inventory. Russell pointed out high-dollar items are frequently inventoried so they had a general idea of when the iPads were stolen. Loss prevention officers then went back and reviewed the film of the electronics department where surveillance cameras were pointed at the display case.“We saw him removing the items from the case,” Russell said, noting there were thefts on Jan. 17 and Feb. 8.