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Sunnyside Heights was formerly a city street, city attorney says
A vehicle prepares to drive through two large potholes on Sunnyside Heights, perhaps the worst road in McMinnville.
From Daylight Street to Sunnyside Heights, its history could indicate its origins were with the city until it was relocated for construction of Shoney’s Inn.According to city attorney Tim Pirtle, records he was given by city administrator Bill Brock show when the street was relocated for the construction of Shoney’s Inn, developers sought city approval for the relocation which indicated to him the street was not privately owned but publically owned. “Administrator Brock ferreted out records from the relocation of what was referred to as Daylight Road at the time Shoney’s Inn was developed,” said Pirtle. “That, in fact, is the genesis of the current street that we now refer to as Sunnyside Heights.”He presented the minutes of a Planning Commission meeting from May 31, 1988 that explained site plans for Shoney’s Inn and proposed a relocation of the street that crossed through the property to accommodate a parking lot and swimming pool in front of the building.“Daylight Street would be rerouted to the front of the property adjacent to US70 Bypass,” said Pirtle.