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Streets now have names
street sign
Castle Street is among the many connecting streets off New Nashville Highway to get signs.

Motorists will know where they’re going as the streets now have names on New Nashville Highway.

“We got the signs at 10:30 a.m. and had them up by early afternoon,” Warren County Road Superintendent Levie Glenn revealed Wednesday.

The road identification signs are located at the end of the roads that run off of New Nashville Highway. The lack of street identification signs confused several motorists when the new 12.95-mile section of road opened ten days ago. The new highway replaces the winding Old Nashville Highway linking Newtown to the top of Woodbury Mountain. The project took eight years and over $20 million to build.

Given the lack of recognizable landmarks, some motorists found themselves lost when looking for where to turn. This was made doubly perplexing since most GPS services are yet to update and show the new highway.

Glenn said there was some confusion between county and state as to who was responsible for putting up street signs on the new highway. When Glenn learned it was the county’s responsibility, he immediately ordered the signs. He asked that a rush be placed on them but did not expect them in until next week. The fact they arrived early was a bonus and he did not waste any time putting them up.

However, given their size, motorists who aren’t sure where they are going, will still have to slow to read the signs that are located at the ends of all the tributary roads that intersect with New Nashville Highway. That problem should be fixed by next week when the state is expecting their intersection warning signs to be finished and ready for installation. The intersection warning signs are larger signs that will be located several hundred yards ahead of the intersection to tell motorists that an intersection is coming up. They will be located where a motorist doing the speed limit should have time to slow down and make the turn.