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Stewart indicted for theft
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A woman who stole a man’s car while he was in jail and sold it for scrap has been indicted on felony theft charges.
The woman, Jessie Kristain Stewart, 25, was indicted on the charge of theft over $1,000 by the Warren County grand jury.
Her indictment comes after she was allegedly entrusted to take care of a 1990 Honda Accord jointly owned by Crystal Parton and Jean Luc Keller.
“He (Keller) let Jessie Stewart keep the car while he was in Warren County Jail,” said McMinnville police investigator Todd Rowland in his warrant against Stewart.
The investigator said at some point the co-owner, Parton, went to see Stewart and requested the car back. However, Parton was initially unable to find out what had become of the vehicle.
“After numerous times it was found out to have been sold to Southern Central Iron and Metal for scrap,” Rowland said, noting there was evidence that linked Stewart to the illegal sale of the property that was not hers to sell.
“Ms. Stewart provided her thumbprint and driver license for the sale of the auto,” Rowland said.