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Speed limit increased, but yield sign still in works
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McMinnville officials have accepted on final read an ordinance to increase the speed limit on a section of Morrison Street from 30 to 35 mph. The sign will be changed in the coming days.
The area affected by the change is located from the east end of Westwood Bridge to Westwood 6th Avenue, which is across the street from Westwood Church of Christ.
McMinnville Public Works is in charge of replacing the existing 30 mph sign.
“It’s on the list,” Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee said Friday. “We should get that replaced in the next two to three working days.”
The ordinance included the cost for motorists violating the new speed limit. The fine did not change.
“Any person violating this ordinance shall upon conviction be fined no less than $2, nor more than $50, and in addition shall pay all cost.”
When the measure passed on first read Aug. 9, officials questioned the need for a yield sign at the area where W. Main Street, Morford Street and Morrison Street traffic merges onto Main Street.
“Didn’t we ask Public Works to look into a divider or something at that intersection?” asked Vice Mayor Everett Brock. “What’s the status of that?”
Being a state route, Public Works must obtain permission from the Tennessee Department of Transportation to place a yield sign. A prior request made several years ago was denied.
Hennessee, who was in attendance at the meeting, said he’s not aware of any discussions Public Works director Bill Brock may have had with the state concerning such a sign.
“We can vote on the speed limit now, but deal with that later,” said Vice Mayor Brock.
Board members voted 7-0 to increase the speed limit.