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Snow routes developed to keep schools open
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With cold temperatures approaching, Warren County Schools and Durham School Services have devised contingency plans for bad weather so school can still be in session on marginal days where most roads are safe to drive.“The reason for the development of snow routes was to improve safety by not having school buses travel back on side roads but to travel main roads when the weather is bad but not bad enough to cancel school,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox in releasing the snow routes which are available on the school website at “There are times when we have a few slick spots on side roads and we just don’t need to send a bus down the road," Cox said.Cox noted that implementing snow routes will allow schools to open under situations where they had to close last year when the system used all of its allotted snow days, plus an extra day.“Safety will always be our main concern so we will use extreme caution when determining to use snow routes or to close school altogether,” Cox said. “It just provides us another option.”Cox said several months have been put into designing the best snow routes, looking at both safety and access.