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Smokin' in McMinnville starts Friday
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The rivalries are heating up for this Friday’s Best of the Butts charity competition during Smokin’ in McMinnville. There are 10 teams entered to compete for $1,000 for their favorite charity.
Returning from a second-place finish last year is the team of Security Federal Prime +1. Team member Michael Griffith says teams are already engaging in good-hearted jesting.
“There is plenty of smack talk going on,” Griffith said, while laughing. “I guess it’s because we are the team to beat — that’s what I’m telling everyone.”
With last year’s first-place winner, that being Junior Medley’s City Cafe team, not entering the event this year, Security Federal Prime +1 is the highest finishing team returning.
There are three competitions going on during the two-day event — 1) Best of the Butts, a charity cooking competition; 2) Backyard BBQ competition for local BBQ enthusiasts; and 3) a professional competition with the winner being chosen by Kansas City Barbecue Society judges.
“We feel pretty confident about our barbecue,” said Griffith. “It’s a tried and true recipe that has proven itself in competition. We also came in second place in the Backyard BBQ competition with both the chicken and ribs categories. The rookies, as we call them, don’t stand a chance. Galligan & Newman are attorneys. They can’t cook.”
Security Federal uses two secrets to make its tasty BBQ, that being the wood used to cook the meat and the BBQ sauce used on it.
“Our secret is in the wood,” said Griffith. “We smoke with cherry wood. The secret is where we get it. It is harvested on a secret farm in Warren County. We also have a secret sauce recipe that’s been around for 80 years.”
Security Federal Prime +1 will be cooking for Troy McCormick’s Kids in the Outdoors Day, which gives children the chance to learn about the great outdoors. The event is free to children.
Targeted as rookies by the returning team, Galligan & Newman team member Trevor Galligan laughed when he was told of the boasting by Griffith. 
“Attorneys can’t cook? This, coming from bankers,” Galligan said. “Our team entered the pros competition last year and did very well. We would love to spar with them, but we are playing with wood bats in the pros. It would be hard for them to win a batting crown with an Easton aluminum bat.”
Galligan & Newman entered the pros competitions last year under the name “Pigs of Justice.” While the team did not come in first out of almost 40 teams, it was not last.
“We plan on entering the pros competition again this year,” said Galligan. “With our experience in the pros competition, I don’t think we will have any problem beating bankers in the minor league.”
Galligan & Newman will be cooking for a program that gives free books to pre-school children.
“We will be cooking for the Governor’s Books from Birth program,” said Galligan. “We were involved in the program this year, and it’s our understanding that the program in Warren County is underfunded. All of us in this office love to read. We feel the children of this county should have the same opportunity.”
The competition is open to the first 10 teams that apply. At this time, eight teams have been accepted. The remaining six are:
• Collins River BBQ for Children’s Advocacy Center
• Captain’s Q for Autism Speaks
• Dark Hollow Mafia for the Children’s Advocacy Center
• Stuff N’ Thangs for Petey’s Project
• Ross Avenue Cookers for Meals on Wheels
• River Park Hospital for the Warren County Multiple Sclerosis Walk.
• Wild Onion for Troy McCormick Kids in the Outdoor Day
• Prater’s BBQ cooking for Kids of the Community
While teams are ribbing each other, what they will be cooking in the Best of the Butts competition is a Boston butt. Judging the teams will be individuals who stop on Friday night from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Admission is $5. Each judge will be given one sample of each team’s entry, as well as complimentary sides, and a ballot on which to cast their votes.
“Come early, support your charity and get your samples,” said event organizer Martha Pierce. “When the BBQ runs out, the competition is over.”
Smokin’ in McMinnville is presented by Warren County Chamber of Commerce and the city of McMinnville. The event is being held at McMinnville Civic Center.