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Sixty-one girls to compete in Miss Nursery Capital pageants
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The list of Miss Nursery Capital hopefuls is being announced by organizer Robert Farr. The pageant is open to girls ages 2-21, with the following titles awarded: Baby Miss — Lillian Abigal Stone, 2, daughter of Christopher and Keshia Stone; Madison Leanne Sitz, 2, daughter of Susan Sitz; Chloe-Michelle Boles, 2, daughter of Mearl and Carolyn Boles; Alyssa Williams, 2, daughter of Crystal Williams; Morgayne Hunt, 2, daughter of Keith and Wendy Hunt; and Raelyn Donae Wainwright, 3.Tiny Miss — Christa Nicole Cowan, 5, daughter of Chris Cowan, and Ricky and Carrie Hodge; Maddox Rayne Adams, 4, daughter of Lee and Jamie Adams; Heaven Leigh Horn, 4, daughter of T.J. and Shanda Horn; Hannah Aleene Chessor, 6, daughter of Ross and Rachel Chessor; McKinna Ward, 5, daughter of Chris and Jennifer Ward; Kyleigh Marie Ramsey, 5, daughter of Dewayne and Candy Ramsey; Halle Dayona Lowe, 5, daughter of Beau and Danielle Lowe; Haley Keatin Smith, 4, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Smith; Allison Nicole Sweatman, 4, daughter of Jason and Emily Sweatman; Aspen Tai Adams, 5, daughter of Lee and Jamie Adams; Leela Kate Beaty, 5, daughter of Philip and Candy Beaty; Liliana Beth Pope, 4, daughter of Jacob and Tabitha Pope; Courtney Reagan Devers, 5, daughter of Leslie and Nathan Devers; Sadie Katie Prater, 5, daughter of Candace and Kevin Prater; Greenlee Ward, 6, daughter of Chris and Jennifer Ward; Lauren Elizabeth Mansfield, 6, daughter of Mike and Brandie Mansfield; Chloe Alyssa Powell, 4, daughter of Jenny and Joel Powell; and Paisley Shelle Wanamaker, 5, daughter of Shelley Wanamaker, and Matthew Wanamaker.Little Miss — Danika Lashay Reno, 7, daughter of Jerry and Bethni Reno; Andrea Shannon McCormick, 9, daughter of Tracy and Brandi McCormick; Gracie Lynn Cowan, 9, daughter of Chris Cowan, and Ricky and Carrie Hodge; Katherine Grace Sparkman, 7, daughter of Josh and Katherine Sparkman; Linley LaNae Wanamaker, 8, daughter of Shelley Wanamaker, and Matthew Wanamaker; Kataen Elizabeth Shockley, 8, daughter of Penny Shockley, and Grady Shockley; Oniurca Shacosha Ramirez, 8, daughter of Alvaro and Angela Ramirez; Trinity Basham, 9, daughter of Shea and Jason Basham; and Lexie Williams, daughter of Crystal Williams.Pre-Teen — Morgan Lynn Knight, 10, daughter of Brian and Fay Knight; Odaysha Myesha Ramirez, 11, daughter of Alvaro and Angela Ramirez; Alexandria Marie Hollandsworth, 12, daughter of Nancy Ryan; Alexis Davis, 12, daughter of Scott and Angela Davis; and Saylor Hodges, daughter of Holly Hodges. Teen Miss — Kayla Ellen McCormick, 13, daughter of Martha Logan and Kem McCormick; Sarah Elizabeth Kinnaird, 14, daughter of Tom and Cindy Kinnaird; Andrea Fisher, 15, daughter of Jamie Fisher; Sebrina Caldwell, 14, daughter of Joe and Shelia Caldwell; Kelsey Taylor Lawrence, 15, daughter of David and Dena Upton; and Brittany Nicole Keen, 13, daughter of Greg and Jan Keen; Avalon Fair Huddleston, 14, daughter of Kelly and Jeff Huddleston; Ty Ramirez, 13, daughter of Alvaro and Angela Ramirez; and Jarah Mai Anderson, 14, daughter of Johnny and Donna Anderson.