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Shots fired into home
Four children were there at the time
Toys can be seen on the front porch of this home where shots were fired through a front window.

The peace and quiet of Sunday morning was shattered for residents on Edgefield Street by a barrage of gunfire.

McMinnville Police Department is investigating an apparent drive-by shooting that occurred at the residence of 203A Edgefield Street. The call into dispatch was received at 5 a.m.

McMinnville Police Chief Nichole Mosley says five rounds were fired into the home where four children and their parents reside.

“It’s the residence of Justin and Kim Stoddard and their four children,” said Mosley. “Five rounds were fired into the right front living room window of the home. A victim called the incident into 911.”

Dispatched to the scene were McMinnville patrolman Chris McCormick, Sgt. Matthew Stubblefield, Lt. Mark Mara, detective Sgt. Eddie Colwell and detective Katelyn Cannon.

None of the family members were injured in the attack.

“Evidence was collected from the scene and is being sent to the TBI Crime Lab,” said Mosley.

The caliber of weapon used is being withheld and no suspects have been released at this time.   

If anyone has any information, contact McMinnville Police detectives at 473-3386 or 473-3808.