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Shoplifter sentenced for pulling knife on security
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A shoplifter who pulled a knife on a security officer when he was confronted while leaving the store will serve 90 days in jail.
The shoplifter, Joshua D. Dishman, 25, entered guilty pleas before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke last week. He was ordered to serve 90 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence on the reduced charge of simple assault and was warned to stay away from Walmart.
Dishman was given two consecutive 11-29 sentences, meaning he will owe the state two years in jail should he get into any more trouble in the next two years.
His original charges of aggravated assault, which carry three to six years in prison, were dropped down to misdemeanor assault as part of his plea bargain.
Dishman was charged after an employee of Walmart loss prevention saw him conceal an audio speaker while inside the store.
“I saw him in the electronics department select a speaker and then go to the tool department where he placed the speaker inside his jacket pocket and placed the empty package back on the shelf,” the loss prevention officer said in the warrant against Dishman. “He then continued to the sporting goods section and selected a knife and again went to the tool department where he removed the knife from the package it was in and placed it in his right rear pants pocket.”
Dishman then made for the door, heading out through the garden section. The loss prevention officer tried to stop him once he stepped outside the door. It was at that point the shoplifter turned on the officer.
“It was at that time he pulled an open-blade knife from his pocket in a threatening manner and pointed it at me,” the officer swore in his warrant.
“I told you not to put your hands on me!” the suspect exclaimed after the officer tried to stop him.
He then threw the speaker he had stolen moments before at the officer saying, “You can have it back.”
Dishman then walked away from the scene and headed toward Westside Manor. Police were tipped to his destination and intercepted him on West End Avenue where they ordered him to the ground and took him into custody.
The cost of the stolen items was just under $100.