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Schools tout quality menu
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School children will once again have nutritious meals for the 2014-15 school year.
Members of the county’s Financial Management Committee approved bids for the Warren County School Nutrition program for items including breaded white meat chicken, chicken nuggets, beef patties, Salisbury steak, pulled pork turkey and gravy, and PBJ Uncrustables.
Jean Wix, school nutrition director, said, “I am very proud of the fact that what we are serving in our schools is the very best you can buy. The chicken is an all-muscle white patty or strip. I’m really proud of the quality of food we serve.”
Wix said the county will spend $100,000 on fresh produce. “I am also proud we are trying to introduce fresh fruits and vegetables to our students.”
She also said students like the taste of the food. “We are asking to approve the Brookwood BBQ bid again this year. The students really, really like it.
Wix said the  nutrition department set up a BBQ taste test with samples for students this year.
“We used Brookwood and Rich’s and labeled them A and B. No one knew which one they were eating. It was fairly close but the majority chose Brookwood,” said Wix.
Wix said the price per bids were based on per serving cost.
The bids were made for school nutrition programs in Warren, Cannon, Franklin, Lincoln and Moore counties.
The following were among the bids awarded with the cost per portion listed:
• Goldkist - chicken nuggets - $.3570
• Tyson - chicken patty - $.3438
• Goldkist - chicken patty with homestyle breading - $.3570
• Goldkist - chicken patty with lite homestyle breading - $.3689
• Tyson - breaded hot and spicy chicken fillet - $.3571
• Tyson - breakfast chicken patty - $.1737
• Tyson - chicken tender with homestyle breading - $.3515
• Tyson - unbreaded grilled chicken patty - $.4038
• Tyson - whole muscle chicken tenderloins - $.7512
• Goldkist - whole muscle breaded chicken fillet - $.7287
• Tyson - crispy chicken tenderloins, whole grain, whole muscle - $.6965
• Advance Pierre - beef patties - $.3975
• Brookwood - pulled pork - $.5914
• Jennie-0 - turkey and gravy - $.5110