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Schools left with four snow days
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With four snow days left and forecasts suggesting a harsh winter still ahead, Warren County school officials are taking steps to add more snow days to the calendar.
“We plan to look at the late start days on Thursday,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “We talked about it when we went with the late start for teacher development. We’re looking at converting that back so we have one more snow day. That will give us five.”
Two of Warren County’s traditional snow days were converted for late-start Thursdays this school year after it was noted the school system rarely uses all of its 11 snow days.
The four days missed this week, however, will likely mean the end to late-start Thursdays this year. Cox said it wasn’t just the 1-2 inches of snow that has caused problems, but it was also the bitter cold that kept many secondary roads frozen solid until Thursday.
“I drove the bus routes and the back roads Wednesday afternoon and there was still quite a bit of ice,” Cox said of deciding to cancel school Thursday despite city roads being clear. “Once you get off the traveled path, the roads are still pretty treacherous. Old Harrison Ferry Road was still a solid sheet of ice.”
Cox noted student safety is his foremost concern in the cancellation of school.
“I’d rather be safe than sorry,” Cox noted.
Cox added there have also been some classroom issues. There were 25 classes without heat during the cold snap. Those problems have been fixed. There were also a couple of cases of water lines breaking, but those have been limited to school ballfields and the Central Office.
As for a worst-case scenario where more snow keeps schools out past the snow days left, Cox said they will cross that bridge when they come to it.