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Schools closed all next week
Director of Schools Grant Swallows
Director of Schools Grant Swallows



I am announcing that Warren County Schools will be closed beginning Monday, August 30, and will reopen after the Labor Day holiday on Tuesday, September 7.  First, let me say that this decision is not preferable.  We believe students need to be in school.  However, sickness continues and staffing is an issue.  At this time, 228 students and 23 employees are isolated and more than 1000 students have been identified as a close contact.  Because of the state's decision to remove virtual learning options districtwide, we will use stockpiled days that are usually reserved for inclement weather.  We will have 5 remaining for the rest of the school year.  

There will be no remote learning that takes place so no teaching and learning expectations exist.  Extra curricular activities will be on a case by case basis and limited to those activities that can take place safely.  All school buildings, including after school daycare, will be closed for thorough cleaning.  This closure is an opportunity for us to reset, hope to get healthier, and return with a concentration on the wellbeing and education of our students.  I'm begging our families to use this time wisely.  Thank you and please stay safe!