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School system applies for $30M grant
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Director of Schools Bobby Cox met with the county’s Education Committee and informed members the school system has applied for a $30 million U.S. Department of Education grant which uses Race to the Top money to fund electronic textbooks.
If received, the grant will be split between four school systems. The systems in the running to receive the grant in addition to Warren County are Tullahoma City, Lawrence County and Lincoln County.
The grant is a four-year grant which is straight money. No matching funds must be added, according to Cox. The grant is prorated based on student population, meaning Warren County will receive more money than Tullahoma City which has fewer students.
If awarded, Cox estimates Warren County will receive around $7.87 million to be budgeted over four years.
“If we receive this grant, we may be able to put iPads in every student’s hands and the iPads can be loaded with electronic books,” said Cox.
Cox said students would be able to take home the iPads and return them at the end of the year.
“Being able to purchase electronic textbooks will save the school system money. We spend around $500,000 to $700,000 each year on hard-copy textbooks,” said Cox.
Cox also said Todd Herzog presented the school system with $21,694 to be used toward Citizens for Progress scholarships and another $13,761,31 to be used by the school’s TV station, WCSTV, to pay for replenishing equipment.
The school system has received a $35,100 Safe Schools grant to be used to fence Dibrell School. The grant requires a certain percentage of local matching funds. In this case, $6,600 will be added to the grant to make a total of $41,700 to be used on fencing at Dibrell.
Cox said the school system will apply next year for another Safe Schools grant that can be used to fence Morrison School.
The schools have also received a $10,000 diabetes grant to be used by staff and teachers to help guard against diabetes.