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School board term limits discussed
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There may soon be no limits on the term of School Board chairman if a measure before the board of education passes on second reading.
Presently the School Board takes turns passing the chairmanship around. A new chairman is nominated and voted into the position each year, meaning the chairman never serves for more than one year.
The reason behind the policy, which could be done away with as early as the next School Board meeting this month, was to spread out the experience of being chair throughout the board.
“There are certain levels of School Board certification through the state that requires the person to serve as local board chairman to achieve that next step,” said Warren County Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “However, not every member of the board wishes to advance to those levels so the need to pass the chairmanship isn’t as great as it once was. There are members who do not wish to serve as chairman.”
Under the proposed change, the School Board chairman would be named and continue service until it is decided there should be a change of chair. This could be done by request of the sitting chairman who may want to be relieved of the chair duties, or by other members of the board who think it is time for a change in leadership.
The chairman serves as head of the board during its regular meetings. In short, the School Board chairman would serve an open-ended term that would not expire each year. The present chairman is Jeff Lee.
Board member Bill Zechman believes all the present board members are capable of serving at the head of the board.
“I think we have an outstanding School Board from which anyone could serve as chairman,” Zechman said.
The measure passed unanimously on first read. The second vote is expected July 24 at the board’s regular meeting.