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School Board against teachers with guns
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Fearing state lawmakers might pass a measure allowing teachers to carry guns into the classroom, the Warren County School Board is opposing the legislation.
“Having a bunch of Annie Oakleys packing heat who may be called on to use their guns with children present is not a good idea,” School Board chairman Bill Zechman told the board Thursday night. “We need trained SROs, not teachers carrying the guns.”
Zechman was referring to legislation which would allow teachers with legal conceal carry permits to possess their guns on school property. The legislation was introduced in Nashville in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy in hopes of making schools more secure.
Zechman fears allowing even teachers trained in handling firearms to carry guns would be a bad idea.
“I think this legislature is being reckless and irresponsible,” Zechman said.
As part of the legislation, individual school systems could opt out of the law if it passes. However, Zechman warned a wrinkle in the law would allow those school systems to be held civilly liable if they do not allow teachers to carry firearms on campus should the bill become law.
Zechman said the legislation should be heard in committee this week. Members of the School Board expressed concern about such a law being mandated statewide.
The local school system has taken steps to make schools more secure by adding new locking systems and surveillance equipment. It’s also trying to find funding for school resource officers for every school in the county.