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Saturated patrols, roadblocks planned
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Police will continue their efforts to make the streets safer, announcing another saturated patrol in a year which has seen Warren County at a record pace for traffic fatalities, most alcohol-related.In addition, the Highway Patrol will conduct roadblocks tonight on Highway 127, Viola Road and Yager Road. The roadblocks will be no refusal, meaning motorists suspected of being under the influence will be required to take a blood test.“This effort is necessary because of recent accidents involving injuries and deaths which occurred in Warren County,” said McMinnville Police Lt. Mark Mara concerning the crack down, noting officers will be on patrol in double their normal numbers all of the extended Labor Day weekend, spanning from Friday through Monday.“So far the city of McMinnville has had only one alcohol or drug-related accident and no accidents involving deaths during the saturated patrols conducted by the police department,” Mara said.Warren County as a whole had 11 traffic fatalities in the first half of 2012. That prompted state-wide attention and led to extra saturation and road blocks conducted here by local authorities as well as state police.