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Sailor sends Christmas wishes from sea

Sailors help maintain America’s advantage at sea. This means they do not always get to celebrate holidays with their loved ones. A McMinnville native serving in the United States Navy will celebrate the holidays aboard the USS Gravely.

“The holidays are a special time of year for me because it means that all of my family gets together and spends time together that we otherwise couldn’t because of work or living far apart,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Austin Boissonneault. “Years ago we would spend Christmas at my great-grandmother’s house, Pearl Carter. The whole family would get together at her little house and it was the best time.”

Boissonneault hopes others take this as a reminder to appreciate the ones they love.

“I want to thank my family and my close friends for always being supportive of me,” said Boissonneault. “I want to thank my dad, Robby Boissonneault, for always pushing me to go the extra mile even when I didn’t want to. I want to thank my mother, Linda Vinson, for being the best mom anyone could ever ask for and always being so supportive of my decisions. I know it’s not easy dealing with me being gone a lot. My family always has my back no matter what. I cannot thank them enough. Merry Christmas to all of my family. I love you all and cannot wait to see you again!”

As a member of the U.S. Navy, Boissonneault, knows he is part of a tradition providing unforgettable experiences through leadership development, world affairs, and humanitarian assistance.

“Serving in the Navy means a lot,” said Boissonneault. “As far back as I can remember, I wanted to serve in the military in some way. I chose the Navy because it gave me an opportunity to see the world. I’ve done just that and will continue to do so. Most importantly serving in the Navy to me means that I’m serving the greatest country in the world. I’m proud to be an American and will continue to fight for our freedom.”

The Navy Office of Community Outreach travels the globe to collect stories about sailors and distribute them to their hometown. Megan Brown with the Navy Office of Community Outreach wrote the above article.