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Safley aggravated by destructive dog
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It can be irritating to not own a pet, yet have them destroy your property. Westwood resident Elsie Safley knows that feeling all too well.
“I work very hard to make my yard look good,” said Safley. “It’s not easy. It is very upsetting to come out here and see my neighbor’s dog has destroyed what was a beautiful flower bed.”
Safley does not blame the dog.
“The dog was probably digging down in the earth trying to stay cool in this heat,” she says, as she looks down at a freshly dug hole and flowers thrown about. “I might be able to re-plant that one flower, but I think the rest are a total loss. People should not allow their animals to roam free. Keep them up and out of my flower bed.”
Along with a dog problem, the area has a cat situation, says Safley.
“My rock garden is being used as a litter box,” she said. “You can smell they are using it to use the bathroom in. It’s disgusting.”
McMinnville Animal Control was called into the area, but did not locate the dog. Animal Control officer David Denton says Westwood is not considered a problem area.
“I get very few calls from Westwood,” Denton said. “We do have problem areas in the city, but Westwood is not one of those. My problem areas are around apartment complexes.”
Denton says he drives through Westwood regularly.
“I drive through Westwood once a week,” he said. “I try and drive through all the areas of town at least once a week. I rarely see a dog roaming in Westwood.”
Inside the city of McMinnville, the fine to retrieve a dog from Animal Control is $50. If the animal does not have rabies vaccination tags, the fine is $50. Also, there is a $10 boarding fee for each day the dog is kept.