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Rutherford announces departure
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McMinnville will be without a city administrator effective Aug. 30. David Rutherford is “retiring” from the city of McMinnville.
“I’m retiring from the city of McMinnville,” said Rutherford. “My retirement is effective Sept. 1.”
Prompting his retirement is a job offer to be the city manager in Crossville. Rutherford will spent 15 days in retirement before beginning his new job on Sept. 16.
“Yes, I accepted the offer,” said Rutherford.
According to the Crossville Chronicle, council members voted on Aug. 16 to offer its vacant job to Rutherford with an annual salary of $85,000 and a raise of at least five percent after six months. The offer also includes use of a city-owned vehicle and a six-month severance package, among other items.
McMinnville officials voted on Aug. 5 not to renew Rutherford’s contract in September. Rutherford’s voluntary departure means the city will not have to pay him any portion of the one-year severance package included in his contract.
Because he is retiring and not resigning, Rutherford does not have to give the city advanced notice. According to his contract, a 30-day notice is required for his resignation. The stipulation does not include retirement.
Mayor Jimmy Haley wishes Rutherford well in his future endeavors.
“I always wished him well,” said Haley. “He has been looking for employment for some time. I’m glad he found a job he will be happy with. I hope this is a good move for him.”
Rutherford has been with city since 2007 and has a current salary of $116,000.