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Roberts lands Park Theater job

Kevin Roberts, the city’s athletic coordinator, is exchanging his sports hat for one with a little more drama. 
He will be the new Park Theater manager.
“I’m excited,” said Roberts. “I plan on providing a variety of entertainment for the community. I’m going to try to get everybody involved in Park Theater.”
Hired by the city in January 2015 to organize athletic activities at McMinnville Civic Center, Roberts has 21 years in administrative recreation. Raised in Florida, he moved to North Carolina and coached football at Wingate University.
When former Park Theater coordinator Sara Morgan resigned in October 2015, Roberts pitched in to help manage the facility and found he had a passion for it.
“It was an eye-opening experience being exposed to all the different aspects of the theater and the different performances we had, all the music performances, and the choirs. I love interacting with the people and the participants. It was a developed passion, I guess. I enjoy all the aspects of the theater, from the administrative part to the bookings and to the actual events.”
Roberts also developed a passion for the history of the building.
“It was nice interacting with the people,” he said. “They would tell me how they remembered coming to the theater and seeing a movie. I was told ‘Hey, when you guys open the balcony, I want you to call me because that’s where me and my parents used to sit.’ There is so much history to that building and I love that part of it. I like the people and their memories, and I want to grow off that and provide en-tertainment, nice clean entertainment, for people to get out and enjoy the theater.”
According to Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord, Roberts impressed with his presentation.
“Of the eight we interviewed, Kevin laid out a vision for the theater,” said McCord. “He came across with passion. He’s worked very hard while he’s been over there. He just sold us on his vision and pas-sion for the theater and his enjoyment during his time over the facility.”
For more information about Park Theater, call 506-2787.