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Rev. Sharp retires from ministry
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After nearly a half century in ministry, the last 10 years of which were spent as pastor of Locust Street Church of God, Rev. Roland Sharp will be giving his last sermon this Sunday.“I think what I’ll miss most are the people,” Sharp said following 47 years of church pastoring, his career beginning in New Mexico and ending in the town he grew up in. “I’ve also gotten used to preparing for three messages every week so that preparation time will also be something I miss.”Sharp is a second generation Church of God minister, growing up as a preacher’s son at Campaign Church of God where he got his calling into the ministry.“I’ve told others that if you feel you can still go to heaven without going into the ministry, then don’t be a pastor,” Sharp said, noting the job is a demanding one that has led him to many different congregations over the years.Sharp returned to his childhood home 10 years ago, taking the pulpit at Locust Street Church of God. It was then he lost his wife, Linda, who passed away as they were making the transition here.