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Residents denied chance to speak
Commissioners keep citizens quiet at meeting
Commissioner Michael Shane Wilcher attempts to allowed public comments to be heard during Monday nights meeting by making a motion to amend the agenda to allow it. His attempt failed by a vote of 16-7.
No public comments were heard during Monday night’s full Warren County Commission meeting, despite a motion to allow people to address their elected officials.“I would like to make a motion to amend tonight’s docket to include a time for public comment before accepting the report from the Health and Welfare Committee,” said Commissioner Michael Shane Wilcher.The motion was put to a full vote and failed 16-7. Commissioners Terry Bell, Morris Bond, Carl D. Bouldin, Carl E. Bouldin, Teddy Boyd, Randy England, Linda Jones, Ron Lee, Gary Martin, Ken Martin, Michael Martin, Charles Morgan, David Rhea, Tommy Savage, Diane Starkey, and Melissa Yancy voted against allowing the public to comment.Wilcher drew support from Commissioners Carlene Brown, Wayne Copeland, Carolyn Miller, Kenny Roberts, Scott Rubley, and Blaine Wilcher. Commissioner Gary Prater was absent.