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Repairman jailed for taking money, not performing work
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A Cookeville man who took advantage of a local woman in scamming her for work he never did has been sentenced to a month in jail.
The man, Mark Steve Webb, 38, entered a guilty plea before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to the charge of theft over $1,000 and was ordered to serve 30 days of a four-year sentence and make restitution in the amount of $6,269 to repay the Rock Island woman for the checks she wrote him for home fix-up work he never did.
Prosecutors say she wrote him two checks, one for $3,629 and later one for $2,640.
At question was Webb’s promise to do fix-up work on her home which would qualify through a federal Green Program initiative where she would get much of her money refunded through government rebates.
Specifically, Webb was supposed to level a floor and fix cracked wood along with taking care of a mold problem. However, after cashing the checks, Webb did not do the work and refused to return the woman’s money. It was also learned Webb was not certified to conduct work for the Green Program.
While claiming he had good intentions as far as doing the work, the court did not believe Webb’s story due to his prior criminal record in Jackson and Putnam counties. The record included prior prosecution for posing as a licensed exterminator and also a prior prosecution for theft.
The Better Business Bureau recommends anyone considering home fix-up work to first check out the contractor before paying any up-front money for the work.