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Ready to fight back
Self-defense class teaches women skills needed to protect themselves
Self Defense5
For women, learning self-defense techniques for the most common predator attacks can help you escape a threatening situation. McMinnville Jiu-Jitsu Academy instructor Robin Clark offers a Womens Self-Defense and Empowerment Course on Friday mornings. Pictured is Clark and student Tammy Jones demonstrating how a woman can get out of a choke hold and land an elbow to the side of her attackers head. - photo by Lisa Hobbs
The thought of being attacked and sexually assaulted can be terrifying for a woman. According to statistics, 1-in-6 women will be the victim of an attempted, or completed, rape and 1-in-4 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.McMinnville Jiu-Jitsu Academy instructor Robin Clark has those scary statistics in mind with his Women’s Self-Defense and Empowerment Course offered Friday mornings at 9:30 a.m. at USA Gym. The class lasts approximately one hour and costs $10.“Our women’s self-defense class is a women’s only class that focuses on preventing a sexual assault from taking place,” said Clark.