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Rain puts damper on Viola tractor pull
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Rain put a damper on Viola Valley Homecoming’s Rumble in the Valley Truck & Tractor Pull that was scheduled for Saturday night. An attempt has been made to reschedule, but the effort has gained no traction.
“We are just sick about this,” said organizer Sam McColloch on Friday. “It’s just too muddy down there to have a tractor pull. Mother Nature hasn’t been kind to us the last couple of years.”
Consideration was made to reschedule.
“We have thought about rescheduling, but we called the Middle Tennessee Tractor Pullers Association and they have no openings through September,” said McColloch.
The tractor pull might not fare better in October’s weather, says McColloch.
“We don’t know what we are going to do,” he said. “Having it in October is hit or miss. This could be the year that we have to cancel it completely and focus on next year, or maybe we can figure something out. That will be a decision we have to make. You just do the best you can and you move on from there.”
Middle Tennessee Tractor Pullers Association sanctions the Viola Valley event, which draws people from across the state and beyond to compete in several classes.