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Rackley charged with DUI
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A woman was stopped on her way to court and hit with DUI charges after lawmen discovered the woman may have taken something to calm her nerves before appearing in front of the judge.The suspect, Kayla L. Rackley, 24, is charged with DUI and driving without insurance and will now face those charges in addition to her prior charge of possession of marijuana.General Sessions Court Judge Larry Ross was informed Rackley would not be making his morning session on Tuesday. She had been involved in a wreck on her way to court where she was to face charges for simple possession of marijuana. The marijuana had been found on Rackley’s person during a visit to River Park Hospital the week before leading to her citation into court.The wreck which prevented Rackley from making her court appearance, deputies say, was caused by Rackley being under the influence of a narcotic.