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Program looks to improve early childhood development
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Parents wanting to give their pre-schooler a jump on academic success should attend the Warren County Little Learners Parent Education Class this coming Tuesday, Jan. 21.
“The goal for the program is to increase the interaction between parents and children in an effort to make sure their children are ready for school,” said Autumn Turner, Warren County Schools director of teaching and learning for grades pre-K through 6.
Getting parents involved now helps make sure children are where they should be when school begins.
“We have some children who start kindergarten years behind where they should be,” said Turner. “We give parents the information on small things they can do to make a big difference in their child’s academic future, like reading to them 20 minutes a day.”
Kindergarten screening is done prior to children entering school. While the test is an assessment of a child’s ability, it is not a pass/ fail for entering school.
Among the items instructors are looking for:
• Self help skills — Manage bathroom needs without assistance, button and zip own clothes, tie shoes, and can wash and dry own hands.
• Gross motor skills — Can hop, jump, and skip, can stand/ hop on one foot, can throw and catch a big ball, can kick a big ball, and can climb stairs with alternating feet.
• Fine motor skills — Can use eating utensils without assistance, can cut with safety scissors, can hold and use a pencil, can trace a line, can draw a circle, cross, square, and person with five body parts.
• Expressive and receptive language — Speaks in complete sentences. Speech is understandable to adults. Can follow two-step directions, understand relational vocabulary, and respond to basic requests.
• Cognition — Can match two like pictures in a set of five pictures, classify objects by shape, color, and size, recognize and can repeat a simple patterning sequence.
There is no charge to attend Warren County Little Learners Parent Education Class. Registration can be made by calling Debbie Haley at 668-4022 ext. 233.
“We ask people to pre-register to give us an idea of how many will be in attendance,” said Turner. “If a parent gets tied up in their hectic life and forgets to register, don’t worry about it. Just come on in Jan 21.”
The class is open to all parents, grandparents or caregivers of children birth to age 5. It is being held at the Warren County Middle School cafeteria from 5:30 to 7 p.m.