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Proceeds from car show to help Dixon in her battle against cancer
Wanda Dixon
Pictured is Wanda Dixon holding Ava Youngblood, another one of Wanda’s inspirations. The two draw together in church and have grown a very close bond. Youngblood often draws herself with Wanda and Jesus. The two are pictured by Steve and Heidi Mathieu’s 1939 Chevy at a car show earlier this month.

Last year was a rough year for many, but 2021 may be even harder for people like Wanda Dixon. Wanda was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer on New Year’s and has been going through chemo ever since.

On April 3, a car show at Three Star Mall was held to raise money for her treatment. “God’s been good to me,” she said. “It’s not going to stop me. I just take one day at a time.” 

Michael Parsons organized the event to show his gratitude for Wanda. “I heard she was sick,” he said. “We have known each other for 22 years.” He calls her “mama” and thought she deserved help through this process. 

He said the car show started on a whim. “That’s just the car community. You tell one person, and it spreads quickly.” It didn’t take long to fill a quarter of the mall parking lot with antique and classic cars.

Parsons called Ervin “Big E” Dixon, Wanda’s husband, and said “This is for your wife.” He told him about the car show, and Big E was in full support.

Wanda got emotional talking about everyone who came out just for her. “I want to thank everyone. It means the world to me,” she said. The car show reminded her of the good that’s in the world. “You hear so much bad in the world, but look at this.” 

She said her faith in her God and in people have gotten stronger through this. 

Wanda remained humble saying she couldn’t imagine this many people caring about her. “I’m blessed, not lucky.” 

She credits local resident Branson Pack as her inspiration. Pack is a young boy who is fighting stage 4 Burkitt lymphoma. 

“I can’t imagine being 6 years old with this,” she said. She thought to herself, “God, give it to me. Let them live.” She said children are her inspiration and Pack is such a strong boy.

Wanda also acknowledged her husband saying, “My husband’s on this journey. It’s not just me.” She said that she may be the one directly fighting the disease, but Big E also has to be strong during this time.

The car show was successful and helped Wanda with her treatment and with her spirits. She is about to start her fourth round of treatment, and according to a recent CT scan, her cancer had shrunk and the doctors couldn’t find any new growth.

Wanda choked up again thanking everybody who came out and said to people who are also dealing with illness, “Keep living.” She continues to be an inspiration to her community and to the county.