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Pressing issue
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No need to call the newspaper office. We realize today's paper is printed in black and white without any color pictures or ads.
Improvement work to one of our presses prevented us from printing today's edition in color. Since printing Sunday's edition on Saturday afternoon, our press crew has been hard at work getting the new press assembled. It is our hope this press will be operational Thursday afternoon so Friday's edition can be printed in color.
"We are doing this work to provide our readers with the best possible product," said Standard publisher Pat Zechman.
In addition to the press work, a number of readers have asked about the small inside flap that's been part of the paper for over a month. Newspaper employees realize this flap has been unpopular, but we have been using it to get rid of several odd-sized rolls of newsprint that have been taking up space on our floor.
This newsprint should be used up and the unpopular flap should disappear in the next week.