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Powermatic next police department option
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No decision has been reached for relocating McMinnville Police Department. One option was removed from consideration, while another one may be taking its place.
“There is no sense beating a dead horse,” Alderman Junior Medley said of his idea to move the police department into city hall and pave the grassy lot across the street for parking. “Let’s just move on.”
Medley suggested the idea of moving police into city hall more than once. Each time it received resistance from some board members, who voiced a lack of available space.
Vice Mayor Everett Brock was one of those who thought space would be an issue.
“I just don’t believe there is enough room,” Brock said during an Aug. 9 meeting.
Medley says he still believes there would have been enough space in city hall, but he pulled the option from the table because it would have failed to pass the full board.
“The votes just were not there,” Medley said. “I could have kept pushing this in an effort to save taxpayers $1 million or more, but it would have failed to pass.”
With seven members on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, it takes four votes to pass a measure.
While one option has been laid to rest, other offers have made their way to table. The former Powermatic building on Morrison Street has been offered to the city for $390,000. Currently owned by Gordon R. McGee Development, the building has 220,000 square feet, sits on 15 acres, is fenced, and has hundreds of parking spaces.
According to county records, McGee paid $260,000 for the building in 2006. He has made some improvements.
According to city administrator David Rutherford, six or seven other properties have recently been presented for consideration from property owners throughout the city.
“I will have to check in on those and get back with you,” he said to the committee. “One actually came in today. I need time to review the properties in order to present the information to you.”
Officials were given an aerial map of the old Powermatic building and a detailed description of everything it includes. One of the building’s main drawbacks from a manufacturing standpoint, other than its age, is it has low ceilings. The ceiling height would not be a negative factor for the police department, which just requires office space.
No discussion was held to allow officials time to look over the information.