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Pot found after Hill allegedly punches baby
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A man who allegedly punched a baby and then conspired with his brother to remove drug evidence from the scene under the nose of police faces felony charges.
The brothers, Marvin Ray Hill Jr., 20, and Corey Ray Hill, 25, are both charged with tampering with evidence. Corey Hill is additionally charged with possession of marijuana for resale and two counts of aggravated domestic assault, one for the mother and one for the baby.
It was the assault on his girlfriend, Amanda Jean Glanzman, 23, and her 9-month-old child that led to the drug bust and subsequent conspiracy arrest.
According to McMinnville police officer Brad Hall, Glanzman was struck by her boyfriend, Corey Hill, after a dispute over an automobile. He then choked her before picking up a weapon.
“He struck her in the head with a large ashtray and continued to hit her with his fist,” Hall revealed. “She was holding her infant daughter and he struck the infant on the right side of her face causing redness, bruising and swelling.”
During their investigation of the felony assault, police saw marijuana in plain view inside the residence. Officers sealed off the apartment and waited for a search warrant. However, Corey Hill reportedly used the time to convince his brother to help him out.
“He called his brother and advised him to enter the apartment and remove the evidence,” officer Hall said. “A rear window with an air conditioner was removed and entry was gained while officers remained at the front entry.”
In addition to the Hill brothers being charged, Glanzman was also hit with marijuana charges after she admitted she lived at the home and knew about the marijuana in the apartment. Officers say the marijuana, contained in three bags, amounted to 78 grams.