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Pisani gets judicial diversion
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A teen who poked other students with a knife on the school bus has been given probation.
The youth, Ronald Andrew Pisani, 18, was granted a six-month judicial diversion by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on the charge of assault. He was directed to pay $280 and perform 32 hours public service work, as well as being warned to stay away from the victim.
His charges come after he injured another student on his bus with his knife.
“He thought it was a good idea to heat up the tip of his pocket knife and start poking other students,” said sheriff’s deputy Kevin York in his assault warrant against Pisani.
The victim in the case was willing to press charges against the teen, prompting the deputy to closely inspect his wound.
“I did a match on the knife blade and the marks on (the victim’s) arm,” York said.